Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Innovation and the American Way

You know, I’m sickened by the Republicans and the Tea Party! What makes these people think that not raising taxes is such a spectacular idea? All I ever hear is where is the money coming from to pay for unemployment? I’d like to know where the money is coming from to keep these tax laws the same. There is no money in the budget, there can’t be if we are in such debt. So why are we spending any money at all? I know that the Tea Party wants to slow spending and make less government. That’s not their true agenda; it’s what they want people to think. It gave them votes; now let’s see what these guys do. They are saying they are going to do what they say they were going to do. They haven’t said much, less spending and a smaller government. That will put them out of a job, so I say go for it!

Spending money should be stopped, pull the troops out of Afghanistan. We are there to train their police. I think we should pack up and ship out of there. The troops are dying over there and it’s making things worse. There is no reason why good American soldiers are dying for nothing. Obama should have pulled them out the day he came into office. If the oil is so good over there lower our gas prices!  If we are going to spend any money it should be on innovation. We need to be building up our country from top to bottom. China and India are defeating us in a big way. Innovation is the key, lets do it! The US was the top in production, ideas, and technology. It’s frightening the way this country is perceived. We can’t get anything done. We fight amongst ourselves. We are our own enemy now. Instead of fighting each other we should be fighting to make our country whole and together again. This point in my life I am not proud at all to be American.

You know I do not agree with Republicans, but I can agree to disagree. Then we all need to move on. This really needs to be addressed or the Senate and the House will never get any bills passed it will be at a stand still. Innovation should be the top priority for all parties. If you would all get together and see this is what our country needs we can start to make progress. Work united to make our country whole once more. It needs to be done, stop fighting and get something done.

Don’t Ask, Don’t tell should be revoked, no doubt about it. It really isn’t that much of a pressing issue that can’t be addressed at a later date. Let’s start production, building, get people jobs! It’s the only way to bring us back on top. Every person in government should really get with it and decide what to do. Taxes should be raised for everyone just do it already. If you keep spending and letting people pay less taxes our economy is going to fall apart. Stop the bail outs on all of these huge banks and corporations! Let them hit the bottom. The depression will happen sooner or later; if you get it over with the faster we can come through. This tax bill is terrible for anyone who makes 20k – 40k per year, it will raise the taxes for these people. As usual the rich get richer. Why on earth would anyone vote for that? Well the politicians that want to keep lining their pockets will vote for it. That’s the only reason anyone will sign that bill. My senators will lose my vote if they vote for that disastrous bill.

I’m tired of seeing people go hungry, homeless, and jobless. Do what needs to be done and stop the spending. If you want to bail someone out, how about all the screwed over homeowners? Forget these banks that screwed up, they made their bed now they should lie in it.

On a side note, Michael Moore paid 20k to bail out Julian Assange. He isn't out yet, but he will be. Good for him! Keep up the fight Moore! The smart people are on your side! http://mirror.wikileaks.info/

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