Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, we're all screwed now!

So the majority of the house is Republican, that's bad. In case you're unaware, the Republicans like to lower taxes for the rich and raise them for middle class. Like Robin Hood in a way, but the exact opposite. The sheriff steals from the poor and gives to the rich. We are in for one hell of a ride.

America has spoken, I wish they hadn't. If you're not completely brain dead you are aware that our country is in major trouble. We spend more money then we have, in fact we don't have any money. All our country has is debt.. The Tea Party Reps say that they are going to change things, spend less money. What will happen is they will take, all of our money and send it overseas to the corporations that paid for their campaigns.

I hope the American people know what they are doing or did, because this "crisis" is only going to get worse. I'm not sure what we all expected out of President Obama. There is only so much the man can do, President Bush totally screwed up he over spent and passed it down to Obama. When Obama came in office he talked about a change. He is trying to make changes unfortunately the Republicans would not let most of the bills pass. The health care policy was obviously a bad move, health care is important it's not our top concern.

We need to start investing in the future. China is pumping out technology, what is it that we're doing? I read today that most of the Tea party supporters were age 45 and older. Young people really need to get out and vote most young people are broke. So they are mainly Democrats. All of those smear campaigns really screwed it for the Democrats. The Republicans knew exactly what they were doing. I know people that say why should I vote? My vote doesn't count! That could very well be true, however if you don't vote you'll never find out! Also, if you don't vote you have absolutely no right to complain.

We need better values in this country! Everyone is stepping on anyone they can to get ahead. It doesn't make any sense. The US should be a well oiled machine, working together making things better. Everyone is against each other, we need to be a team move as one solid unit. This country can do it, if everyone would just stop ignoring it all. If we continue down this path we will become a slave to the government. We'll be working less wages, more hours, they'll keep us job scared, does this sound at all familiar for anyone?

I may get people telling me that it's getting worse. It sure as hell is I will be the last person to deny that. I voted today, honestly there was only one candidate I felt good about voting for. I went down that ballot thinking what's the lesser of two evils. It really is a close call. I can't help myself I had to vote all democrat, one green party, because it was him or a republican. Unfortunately I live in a farm community, they are all republicans, farmers have money therefore they would rather not be taxed on income. The Second Amendment is also something that majority of farmers are for. I won't deny that I think that everyone should have a gun. That way when the bank comes to try to take your house you have protection!

This country is going to fall to pieces. As much as I love this country I am ready to declare refugee status. There has to be a country that has jobs, and work together to get what they need.  This election is a civil war between conservatives and democrats. I am appalled at how these politicians are portraying each other. Make it a clean election, no lies it may be the hardest thing a politician has ever done.

This election just confirmed my judgment on some of the states and how many gullible people live in the US.
For example, most of the Republicans that won Governor for example were southern states. In my terms the idiot hicks will listen to anything they hear, and vote accordingly. I was at Daytona International Speedway back in 04. George W was there and came out on a car and waved to the people these idiot Floridians actually cheered for the man. Mind you, Florida has to be the state with the worst drivers and now clueless voters. We knew this, the southern states vote all red. Why? because they are inbred hicks. No offense, but if you vote for a republican when you are living in a trailer you're a complete moron that needs to get out from under your rock.

I'm not saying all southerners are morons, no just anyone who voted for a republican. Good luck to your souls, they will need it.

My own state is becoming Republican, what is happening? I think the Anti-Christ is coming out faster than projected. I will be looking into a refugee country, If anyone would like any information on declaring refugee status please contact me. I am as serious as a heart attack when I say that. I'm terrified for my daughters, I can't have them growing up in poverty because this country is falling apart.

Probably the most upsetting thing about the whole turn out. Majority of school and public service taxes were voted no. If we don't have proper education of our future leaders our country as a whole will suffer. The public service workers deserve better pay and supplies. That means more cuts in jobs! That just means if your house is on fire and you don't pay $75.00 it will burn and you can't do a damn thing about it! Americans you really are failing here. You want more jobs, but don't want to pay to make more jobs, taxes are a necessity to keep our economy going. Without tax we don't produce, without production, no jobs. Without tax we outsource all of our ideas we have it mass produced in a country that pays less and work more hours we bitch about taxes and higher wages. It would be nice to just find a job for most Americans. The Republicans are the main contributors to corporations and outsourcing. Don't get me wrong Democrat hands aren't squeaky clean either. Hilliary Clinton was a CEO of Walmart. Everyone knows the Walmart is an evil corporation. So, like I said it's all of the government the Republicans are just more of an evil.

I know many hard working people, being a middle class citizen. 80% of people I know are in financial trouble. The remaining 20% have piles of money, so they're not hurting at all. In fact the people I know involved in the stock market are flourishing. On the other hand, the people that have money and have had it for almost 2 full generations are doing very good, but not as good as they previously had been. I really feel for the millionaires that are down a few hundred thousand. I guess they'll have to take one less cruise this year.

This all sickens me and I feel for anyone who fell into the Tea Party scam, it will bite you in the ass I guarantee it!! Did I say that I really don't  like Sarah Palin? I really hope that the freakishly fake bitch will not become our president one day!

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