Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Sold His Soul To The Republicans

President Obama sold his soul to the republicans tonight. He looked sad and defeated when he announced it. He should have fought those people to the death. Letting them win was a bad idea. Showing weakness to these conservatives was the wrong move. Let me tell you why, we are going to be depending on other countries mainly China to pay for these Bush tax cuts. These are the same tax cuts that screwed our countries in the first place. We are repeating mistakes yet again. Let me remind you of what Reagan did, taxes were lowered and the rich got richer. The only people that will benefit these tax cuts are the wealthy 1% of this country. They don’t need the money. Donald Trump himself said he would be fine paying more taxes. What the hell is wrong with this country? I’m mad as hell, this is ridiculous.

Conservatives are thinking they just got a win. I can’t believe that any politician thinks this is a good move. I thought they were educated, apparently I was wrong. These Conservatives are a bunch of greedy bastard that’s all that means. They are getting their cake and eating it too. It’s so freaking wrong, it’s unbelievable! Anyone who voted for any of these jokers should be strung up along with them. Now we can take bankers, conservatives, and the idiot voters and publicly hang them. That is what they did to us in a way.

The debt is going up. Isn’t that what these Republicans keep saying against Obama? His debt is so high blah, blah, blah. That is only getting higher now that Obama caved into this craziness. Fight for what you believe in. Screw it all, they wanted the working class to get screwed. Screw the rich right back. Raise their taxes make them poor, make them unable to pay their mortgage, car payment, taxes. Put their ass in the welfare line, that’s the only way they will see what they are doing to people.

This will be the death of this country. It’s going down fast. There will be no more job opportunities in doing this. I’d much rather pay more taxes than let these assholes win. Anyone who agrees needs to start writing letters to your Senators, US Representative, and Obama. That is the only way America stand up and be heard. This is bullshit and we won’t take it!

Sean Hannity, if you read this I just want to say you have to be one of the biggest assholes out there. Stop trying to sell people crap they don’t need and everything you advertise for is a scam and it’s just crap! You have terrible opinions and must be working with the devil. Have fun burning in hell and Merry Christmas you freaking Nazi! I really can't believe he has that crazy televangalist on his show! Joel Osteen, he's a scam artist, using religion to make money! His wife looks like a first class whore too. It sounds like a republican to me. Oh, now I can finally say I do HATE Hannity. Why are you on every radio station too? You are taking over the airwaves everyone run for cover!

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